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About Us


Bill and Theresa Hill first opened Hillsview Gardens in 1985. At that time we endeavored to grow orchids for the local hobbyist as well as mail order. Since that time we have increased our production to include both wholesale and supplying the local flower market here in Portland, Oregon. We have grown to 8,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space,  changing with the times and keeping up with the demands of our customers and clients we continue to modify our products creating new and exciting orchids.

Hillsview Gardens supplies a wide variety of hybrids and species – from connoisseur-quality divisions and specimen plants for discriminating hobbyists, cutting-edge hybrids in wholesale quantities for retail nurseries, to outstanding decorator quality plants delivered directly to chain stores in Portland, Oregon.

Hillsview Gardens has been breeding orchids for 40 years, and since that time received over 100 AOS awards, including three FCC/AOS, a Gold Certificate, six Awards of Quality and a Bronze Award at the 16th World Orchid Conference in Vancouver, BC.


Our Mission


Hillsview Gardens is an orchid nursery dedicated to the creation of hybrid orchids. We focus exclusively on Paphiopedilums with an emphasis on Complex hybrids.  Maudiae types, Parvisepalum, Brachypetalum, species and hybrids are of interest in our breeding program. We limit our specialization to the genus Paphiopedilum in order to refine our product. As native habitats continue to decline, we realized early on our responsibility to make available rare and endangered species from seed grown outcrosses. It is our objective to bring these wonderful species and hybrids to orchid growers everywhere.

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